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About The Cattery & Myself

I have been raised with animals my whole life. Over the years my family had a variety of creatures including cats, dogs, chickens, cows and horses. From a young age I would find strays to bring home and always loved when there was a calf that needed to be bottle fed! 


This led to me wanting to work with animals in my future. I wanted to be a Veterinarian, Marine Biologist, Zoologist... if it included working with animals, that is what I saw in my future.

I ended up going to school to be a Veterinary Technologist (AKA a nurse for animals). After school I worked in a animal shelter for 9 great years. I was able to help so many critters and I loved every minute of it.

Present day my son was born and I wanted to stay at home with him so. My husband and I had always talked about breeding Maine Coons as we loved their look and fantastic personality. We also felt confident we could breed healthy cats being that I had the knowledge and experience from my many years of work in the animal medical field.

Today our cattery has two healthy Queens and Kings. The cats are not caged and have plenty of space. Our males and females are separated except when it comes time for breeding. Our males do not fight and are the best of friends, often found grooming each other and cuddling. The females also enjoy each others company and helping one another with their litters of kittens.

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