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Two Cats Co-Parenting Kittens

We were so excited to be expecting two litters of Maine Coon kittens just over a week ago. I had prepared the birthing room with a box for each Doriyah and Valla. I checked on them often to be sure they were comfortable and so if they ran into any troubles during birth I could step in.

Doriyah gave birth first to two wriggling kittens. However I noticed right away one was small and had a low birth weight. The tiny kitten was struggling and despite my best efforts and sleepless nights of bottle feeding he didn't make it. It was heartbreaking. Doriyah continued to nurture her single kitten but seemed depressed and not herself.

Three days later Valla began to deliver her kittens. I watched as she cleaned each one off with care. In a matter of five hours there were four kittens suckling away. They were happy, healthy, and loved by their mother,

A few days after Vallas litter was born something amazing happened. I went to check on the new babes and as I opened Vallas birthing box to my surprise Doriyah was inside with her, along with her single kitten! It was just the cutest thing to see. Both mothers were taking care of thier kittens together. Over the next few days whenever I would check on the cats if both were not in the box at least one was. Doriyah and Valla take turns and the kittens are never left without a mother to clean, feed, and cuddle them!

Just when I didn't think things could be any more adorable our future queen Sylvanas was in the box with the kittens as well! I watched as she cleaned and nuzzled the kittens. Sylvanas is Doriyahs kitten from her past litter and has not yet had kittens of her own. I think she is learning a lot from Valla and Doriyah and will be an excellent mother when her time comes.

Be sure to check out the precious video below of our lovely co-parenting Maine Coons.

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