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Waiting List

To make the purchase process of our kittens as straight forward as possible we have outlined a step by step process. Once you have joined our waiting list you will receive email updates on the cattery. These emails will include photos/videos of current kittens as well as news on upcoming litters and plans. Please see below and feel free to contact us with any further questions you make have.

Step One:

A 100$ fee is required to be added to the waiting list (this waiting list fee goes towards the total cost of your kitten). Once this fee is received you will be given your number in line.


Step Two:

When the kittens reach 8 weeks of age they will have their first veterinarian exam and vaccine. After this appointments you will receive an email with a photo of each kitten with their sex, color, current weight, breeder name, and price. This is your time to RESERVE your kitten. You will send me an email with the kittens name and color that you have chosen to purchase.

** If someone ahead of you in line has chosen to reserve the same kitten you were interested in you will be contacted and made aware.

** If you do not wish to pick a kitten from this litter you can pass on the available kittens and keep your place in line for the next litter.


Step Three:

You will receive an email confirming the kitten you have chosen has been placed on temporary hold for you along with your official contract to be signed.

** You now have 24 hours to send a deposit of $500.00 to have your kitten permanently reserved until the day of pick up when the remaining amount is due. If you are unable to send the deposit the kitten will go to the next person in line that was interested.

** The $500.00 deposit is NON REFUNDABLE


Step Four:

Your kitten will be nurtured in our home until they are 12-16 weeks of age. Once pick up is arranged the remaining amount owing must be payed by e-transfer 24 hours prior to pick up. The other option is to pay the remaining amount owing in cash upon pick up.

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